sspatz is a group of artists from Karlsruhe/Germany trying to find new ways of connecting local art scenes on a global scale. Usually, communities only get the chance to see those artists that have been chosen by those institutions close by. Meaning that you can only experience art that has been filtered by a huge and often intransparent apparatus without having any idea which criteria applies. By taking action and turning our living room into an artist-run space, we try to develop a different form of contribution by hacking networks and by communicating that we're in a constant search of criteria. Why do we want to show a certain artist? What is it that makes his or her work interesting to us? Most likely it is because there's a certain feeling. This is the feeling that we call sspatz.

Instead of taking the long way and wait until artists we admire are presented close by, we create nests and invite them to spread the wings and fly by. At the moment we exclusivly organize short-term solo-shows because we think it's the best way to use those nests that we create. Those nests work like small scaled wormholes. By creating a short-cut between two places in the world they get in touch for a little moment but that's enough to create a lasting exchange that will expand the vision. Just by knowing something is somewhere can change the whole perspective.

We tested this approach throughout the last months. We invited artists from all over the world to have a show in our nest in Augartenstrasse 47 in Karlsruhe/Germany. The images down below give an insight to what's happened so far. The next step is to bring artists from Karlsruhe to places where they haven't been yet. Therefore we search partners in the whole world. If you're interested in being a part of this nesting process, get in touch with us! Just sent an email to info [at] or use the form at the bottom of this website.

Even more Info

sspatz is part of Karlsruhe based association die Anstoss e.V.

Members of sspatz's inner circle as well the founders are Dominic Scharfenberg, Jonas Mueller-Ahlheim and Thomas Georg Blank. If you want to know what they are doing when they're not building nests together, just get in touch!

For inquiries or collaborations please contact us by email at info [at] or fill out the form below.